When I first went into to try acupuncture, I wasn’t sure what was wrong…I just knew i needed help.   I was anxious, had acne, shoulder pain, the list goes on.  I wasn’t sure if this was the answer, but had tried just about every doctor, medication and product out there.  Nothing seemed to help.  Things started changing after my first visit with Dr. Carlos.  He has addressed every issue I have brought to him in the most caring, nonjudgmental and through way.  Each session seems to build on itself and I am excited about where we are and looking forward to making even more progress.  Even being around him is very calming & his billing practices are extremely fair.  He works with each patient because he cares.  I trust him and recommend him highly.  I am much more calm, no major breakouts and I can not believe how much he helped my back.  Even if you find yourself skeptical about if acupuncture is for you, I would say this is probably the best place to try it & see.  He is really talented and his credentials are long.  Thanks!!