I didn’t realize what a gem Dr. Carlos is until I moved from the Dallas area and needed acupuncture.

I came in to his office last January having never experienced acupuncture (I just heard it that it worked for my wife’s friend) for allergies.  I had taken OTC medications as well as prescription medicine, but it just didn’t work or if it did, it would make you tired/groggy.  My allergies would make me wake up late and come to work late, and that had to stop.

He consulted me and put me on a strict diet as well as giving me herbal medicines.  He gave me the acupuncture treatment that visit (this is important: be wary of other practitioners who won’t give you treatment on the first visit), and sent me on my way.

I followed that up with weekly treatments, and as my symptoms improved, they became bi-weekly treatments.  After about 6 weeks, I was *cured* of my allergies.    That is the power of acupuncture and natural medicine right here.  After that point I was able to resume my normal diet and live healthily without those symptoms.

I also went a couple of times for cold/flu.  The acupuncture provided a definite improvement of symptoms and I would recover much faster than normal.

There are other practitioners in Dallas, but you won’t find someone like Dr. Carlos.   There is no language barrier with him, he explains everything well, and his fees are reasonable as well.