Dr. Chapa is an amazing doctor! He is extremely knowledgeable and really spends time discussing your issues during your initial consultation. He is very thorough in detailing a plan of action for your case and discusses all up front costs prior to proceeding. In my case, I had gone to him for the weakness and pain in my right hand. I could not make a fist, could not open jars, was loosing my fine motor skills and my handwriting was becoming so sloppy. I was also very clumsy and was getting frustrated with how weak my hand was. After going to my regular doctor and basically getting medication to mask the pain and later being told I would need surgery, I tried chiropractic care and that helped for a short while after each session but they also suggested surgery. The last thing I wanted was surgery so I went to Dr. Chapa and discussed it with him. He said that it would be something he could treat but I would need to be patient and it could take several treatments. I have been going to him for 8 weeks now for acupuncture and the little black herbal balls and I am so happy that I have strength back in my hand and can open jars. I still cannot close my hand to make a fist since one finger still is not fully cooperating but I am so thankful I tried this and did not just go have surgery. I’m hopeful that a few more treatments will fix me completely.
I really do like the way Dr. Chapa reiterates that Eastern medicine looks for the root cause of the issue and treats that. He spends time and shows me facts in his herbal treatment books, shows me the different herbs he mixes to make some herbal remedies to take home and is always there to answer any questions I may have. It’s hard to find doctors that will spend time with you these days – they are all after the $$ and try to get you in and out as quickly as possible but this is definately not the case with Dr. Chapa. He is patient and helps anyway he can.
His office is very clean, organized and the decor is beautiful. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Eastern medicine has worked for thousands of years and we should all try it rather than popping countless pills and having side effects from each of them and never resolving the initial issue. I highly recommend Valley Ranch Acupuncture and Dr. Chapa!
You can tell when someone truly enjoys and loves what they do! Thanks, Dr. Chapa!