Awesome Doctor and staff! Very knowledgeable and talented! I had a level 3 ankle sprain over a year ago.  Saw one of the supposedly-best-Harvard-grad orthopedic surgeon in Dallas who put me in a boot for 2 months. After the boot came off, my left ankle was still swollen and in pain. My range of motion was very limited. I also started experiencing pain and ‘popping’ in my left knee. I honestly felt that being in the boot has allowed my ligaments to heal, BUT over my still-misaligned ankle, which seems to defeat the purpose of wearing the boot to heal my ligament in the first place. I went back to the surgeon with my concerns, and he told me that my choices were to go for physical therapy, or he can do an exploratory surgery to see if there is an underlying problem. I WAS NOT going to let someone cut me up to just look around?!? So, I started going for physical therapy for almost 3 months with basically no improvement. Partially my fault as I’m kind of lazy and am not especially good with up keeping with all the exercises at home. I then started to see a Chiropractor who came strongly recommended by my work partner. I saw him for almost 30 sessions. Range of motion increased but not fully recovered. The Chiropractor performed dry needling on me, which was painful and did not seem to be effective. After his sessions, I still couldn’t bend my ankle or squat, and I still get pain each time I walk, both on my ankle and knee. At this point, I was pretty dejected. I am only 36. How am I going to go on my beloved shopping marathons??? Then, I started seeing Dr. Carlos Chapa for acupuncture and tuina. I was very hesitant at first due to my immense fear of needles and lack of knowledge of what it entails. I was skeptical as I didn’t have a good experience with dry needling and I thought the 2 procedures were similar. I looked on Dr. Chapa’s website and he seems to be talented, very well educated and well trained in several specialties. What really caught my eye was his vast knowledge in the field and his continuous thirst in upgrading himself in the industry. Besides being extremely nice, understanding and patient, Dr. Chapa took the time to listen to my looong account of medical history, injury details and concerns, he explained the difference between dry needling and acupuncture. He sincerely described the treatment plan in details and most importantly (to me), he reassured me he was going to use his super fine needles that he uses for kids, so there will be minimal pain. He was right, I barely felt the needles. After my first session with Dr. Chapa, I felt more than 50% relief on the tightness around my ankles. My knees did not pop or hurt as much. Scheduling appointments was easy as they are very accommodating and opens late and on Saturdays. His entire staff are very caring, sweet and nice. Since my sessions with Dr. Chapa, I am happy to report that my ankle and knee feels better than before. I am very happy and grateful that I decided to give it a try!