I had been looking for a good acupuncturist and herbalist for a while but had been too busy to find one until I got a bad cold and the meds from the medical doctors made me feel worse and even more sick for weeks with the illness recurring several times within a couple of months’ period (aside from the fact that they had misdiagnosed me and had given me the wrong medication which had horrible side effects!).  I decided to go back to what I knew worked by addressing the root cause – acupuncture, rather than fall prey to the unfortunate over-drugging that is so common in the medical field these days.  After visiting Dr. Chapa, I felt instantly better and was completely fine within a couple of visits.  There is a reason why this technology has been in existence and proven itself as workable for thousands of years.  Dr. Chapa is very professional and does a great job. I strongly recommend this clinic.