After relocating to Texas in 2007, I discovered what I hear most non native Texans discover about 3-6 months after they’ve moved to Texas…ALLERGIES!!

I’ve done everything I could, from taking over the counter medications, to seeing a allergist and getting pricked with needles to pin point (pun intended) what I’m allergic to which was 20 out of the 40 allergens used to test me.

End result- Prepare to be miserable all year round since the specific allergies you’re experiencing are majority all year round in the Lone Star State or better yet when one allergy season is over the next allergen your allergic to follows. So thank you mother nature, much appreciated!

This doctor prescribed me to take one allergy pill in the am, a different allergy pill in the pm a nose spray twice a day, and eye drops as needed while committing 1 to  2 hours three times a week to receive allergy shots. (With my work schedule and running my own business=NOT HAPPENING!

I took the medication prescribed to me for about 3 months and it didn’t seem to be working on making my allergies better. It just worked on putting me on another planet where there I couldn’t function so I forgot about my allergies since I was living in a fog.

Bottom line I stopped taking all meds prescribed and thought I could just fight it on my own until I got to the point where it was allowing my allergies to take over and being miserable or being happy and feeling like I could live again.

I researched alternative ways to cure allergies and one alternative that kept showing up was acupuncture. Now the hunt was on…I searched yelp and found Dr. Carlos. I read all reviews (not really allergy related) but decided since he came so highly recommended on here then I would see what he could possibly do for me.

Dr. Carlos gave me tour of his office, showing me his wall of herbs spoke of how some are used to treat certain symptoms and so on and so forth. Shortly after we sat in his office and went over mine and my family’s medical history. Then he got really into depth about why I had the allergy symptoms I’ve spoke with him about and what was really going on in my body. The consultation lasted about 45 minutes and I was a bit skeptical at first since his approach is not like any other, for lack of a better term/phrase, Americanized medicine practicing doctor would recommend me to start doing while being treated.

In order for him to help cure my allergies, I had to first eat an “Allergy Diet” which was not too much of a change for me since I eat organic and clean anyway. Not having any alcohol for 2 weeks was a bit challenging (sad to say but true). He also gave me herbal pills that I would take 3x a day for the next 2 weeks and I came in 2-3x a week for a 20 minute treatment each time.

After the first week I was a believer! I’ve haven’t felt this amazing in years and I’m not affected by my so called allergies at all. By the end of the 2nd week I was still amazed on how awesome and unaffected by allergies I felt. After my second week I started seeing Dr. Carlos once a week and then boom…I woke up one morning with the worst allergies ever. I called Dr. Carlos and he immediately fit me in within 20 minutes (basically the time it took for me to get to his office). I for sure thought this was all a hoax but in the end it was really my fault for not strictly following his “Allergy Diet” direction (and drinking/ok mostly drinking).

He reassured me that instead of the herbal pills he would cook me fresh herbs that I needed to drink three times a day for a week and to stop drinking any alcohol and to seriously commit. I did and from then on I was making appointments sporadically, or when ever I felt I might be getting itchy eyes. I believe it is possible to go in whenever you feel you need maintenance.

All in all, I haven’t had any feeling of allergies since then. *NOTE: I’ve first started to see Dr. Carlos I believe in August 2011 and the last time was once in November.*

He truly amazed and healed me. I’m definitely a believer and recommend him to anyone.

*NOTE: I also believe since each case is different and needs to be treated accordingly do not solely go on my treatment but speak with Dr. Carlos and  definitely trust his judgment on which treatment he believes will work for you. We all need to remember, though it is our body and we know it well, he is the expert on herbal medicine and healing.*

So make an appointment and experience for your self what he can do for you!