Antonio V.

If this were medieval ages, he would be knighted. Carlos has corrected 35 years of Western medicines failed attempts of trying to aid with my many health issues. Oh ya, the great part…he [...]

Barbara M.

Dr. Chapa has changed my life! One year ago I had given up on every feeling well again and was referred to his clinic by my chiropractor. I scheduled an appointment the day after Thanksgiving and [...]

Elisha L.

I had always been curious about seeing an acupuncturist, but it wasn’t until after a coworker explained how it helped with her stomach issues, allergies, and even regulating hormones, that [...]

aya m.

My mother lost her sense of smell and taste 10 years ago due to severe allergies. She tried everything from steroids to surgery to regain her senses back, but ultimately, nothing changed. When I [...]

Adri A.

Dr. Chapa is one of a kind; truly amazing. He takes the time to answer your questions and explains the diagnosis and treatment thoroughly. Dr. Chapa has been treating me for a month and so far [...]

Serena P.

After relocating to Texas in 2007, I discovered what I hear most non native Texans discover about 3-6 months after they’ve moved to Texas…ALLERGIES!! I’ve done everything I [...]

Atif M.

I didn’t realize what a gem Dr. Carlos is until I moved from the Dallas area and needed acupuncture. I came in to his office last January having never experienced acupuncture (I just heard [...]

Maria W.

Both my mom and I has been going to dr Chapa for a while now. I was first very skeptical about oriental medicine especially from someone who is not Asian. But dr Chapa surprised me with his wide [...]

Thor H.

If you have any doubts about whether acupuncture works, or whether Dr. Chapa is an expert in his field, it’s time to give them a rest and schedule an appointment! I sustained an injury back [...]