Always great reconnecting with local businesses at the #irvinghispanicchamber #aimc #drchapa Congratulations to Dr. Winston Lee on his Grand Opening Clinic in Los Angeles! #dracupuncture #aimc #drchapa #한의사 Visiting my colleague and friend @draudreyshin_ at the Cancer Integrative Medical Hospital specializing in Womens health. She uses Traditional Visiting World Famous @jaseng_hospital where I had the honor and privilege of training several times. Had a consultation with Our new ad in the @naturalawakeningsntx ! Meet our amazing doctors and their specialties! #aimc #drchapa #holistichealth #holisticmedicine #easternmedicine #acupuncture Our new ad in the local Korean paper! Meet my amazing doctors and their specialties! #aimc #drchapa #holistichealth #holisticmedicine #easternmedicine Representing our Holistic Medical Clinic at our local @irvingchamber event with my nephew and future #chiropractor #aimc #drchapa #holistichealth #holisticmedicine Humbled & happy having my great friend and colleague Dr. Winston Lee fly to Dallas to see how we operate Welcome to our team and family Dr. Kim! Trained in China and the U.S., specializing in chronic pain and neurological We are OPEN and helping those in need and suffering! Call us at 972.444.0660 to set up an appointment! #holisticmedicine Even though we would Love to see our patients today, due to road conditions we decided to close and plan Dr. Elisha, Dr. Jang & Dr. Miranda would like to Celebrate National Women Physician Day! #womenphysician #nationalwomenphysicianday #holisticmedicine #easternmedicine #aimc Happy Lunar New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요 🇰🇷 ! 新春快乐! 虎年吉祥! Happy Korean American Day!!! - Jindo From our family to yours, Happy New Years! Yes, we will be open tomorrow helping those in need. #drchapa #aimc #aimc #MadeWithRipl via @Ripl #drchapa Learning from the best hospital in the World using Eastern/Korean Medicine! Annual #Jaseng Conference # 자생 #자생한방병원 #drchapa #aimc We appreciate our Veterans and as a Veteran himself, Dr. Chapa offers discounts to all those who served! #aimc #drchapa #MadeWithRipl via @Ripl Attending the #AJA2021 Annual Jaseng Academic Conference representing our National Acupuncture Association #aaaom #jaseng #자생 #자생한방병원 #aimc #drchapa #한의사


Unlike Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine does not treat a diagnosis; it treats you.

At our Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center, we believe in treating the person, focusing on the root cause, the pattern, not the symptom, not the diagnosis.

Our Philosophy:

To help as many people as possible using safe, natural and evidence based medicine

Our approach is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment, we offer a complementary and integrative approach to your health.


Unlike Western medicine, Eastern Medicine does not treat a diagnosis; it treats you. Our success rates are over 95% and most of our patients are referred by MDs. Most of our patients feel lost, confused and frustrated. Many patients are told they have NO CHOICE, they are told they must take a pill, surgery or worse… nothing can be done. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. SUFFERING IS A CHOICE. Our patients are ready to take charge, ready for a change, ready to take responsibility and ready to get better! We understand Eastern Medicine is “new” for OUR culture – however it is safe, effective and it WORKS.

Dr. Chapa is a holistic Doctor holding a Masters & PhD in Oriental Medicine, a Board Certified Herbalist, Licensed Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor. He trained in China and graduated from one of Korea’s top Medical Universities. He has completed several externships in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China for continuing education.

Tired of Being Tired? Tired of Taking Pills with limited or no success? Been told you have no other options? Suffering is a CHOICE. Take charge of YOUR health. We can help you help yourself. Curious about Eastern Medicine? Don’t know if we can help you? Call us. Most Doctors are simply not TRAINED in Alternative medicine, we ARE. This is our SPECIALTY.

If you struggle with chronic pain, chronic health conditions, want to experience wellness naturally, or if traditional therapies have failed you, please contact us.

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Licensed vs. Certified Acupuncturists vs. Dry Needling

When looking for a qualified acupuncturist in the DFW area for serious concerns, chronic conditions, or long-term benefits, start your search for practitioners who are licensed acupuncturists (L.Ac.). They will have the highest level of training in the field. A Dry Needling / Acupuncture Certificate can be obtained in a 1-2 day seminar, a License Requires several years of study, board exams, thousands of hours of supervised clinic rotations and continuing education.

  • Dry Needle / Certified Acupuncturist
    • Certified physician or chiropractors with as little as 50 hours of training
    • Training which is often comprised of home study and/or weekend seminars
    • Minimal clinical experience in acupuncture or no actual patient treatments before certification
    • Not required to complete the national certification examination to prove competency in acupuncture
    • Not required to regularly complete continuing education courses

Schedule an appointment today by calling 972.444.0660 or e-mailing