okay, i was never a fan on having some needles on my back or even surgery on my back. However my wife and I had a visit to this place in Valley Ranch Dr. Chapa told me about the issues I was having on my lower back, wow how did he know this? well he uses a technique called cupping to find areas that bothering my back, I was told by “doctors” that i needed to have surgery on my lower back to get rid of the pain. However since my visit at Valley Ranch Acupuncture WOW! no surgery minimal pain, and I have only been going there for a month. Ok I know you think I got paid for this, but honestly I did not, i just never in my years thought this would actually work. I read some reviews here and it seems they all had good experience thought i would share mine as well. For the lady who wrote a book about the insurance problem. This could have happened anywhere you went, Insurance company does not like to look like the bad guy. So they will tell you everything and anything to get you off their back. Wow its sucks having that dang monkey on your back! thats why insurance companies are huge, “By ripping people off” that;s how! anyways thanks Dr. Chapa your work is outstanding