Yoli R.

I have been COMPLETELY pain free and not only that Dr. Chapa has now begun treatments to cure my eczema, happy to announce that I have been eczema free for 6 months!! I will never again visit another “traditional” doctor.

Thor H.

If you have any doubts about whether acupuncture works, or whether Dr. Chapa is an expert in his field, it’s time to give them a rest and schedule an appointment! I sustained an injury back in August of 2013 that caused a partial dislocation of my right shoulder. I was thinking it would heal itself over the course of a few weeks, but a month came by and my shoulder was still in pain. To make matters worse, my range of motion was so limited that I couldn’t even work out and lift weights without it hurting. I began seeking treatment through massage therapy and chiropractics, but none of those options worked.

After enduring pain and lifestyle limitations for five months, I began seeing Dr. Chapa in February of 2014 for treatment of my shoulder. I was going two times every week and began to see notable improvement after a month or so. At this point, I would say I’m about 95% recovered (I can carry on just fine with daily activities; only when I try to contort my arm in weird positions do I notice any restrictions), and that says a whole lot seeing as how no one was able to do anything to even mildly improve my condition for months, prior to seeing Dr. Chapa.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that long-standing injuries tend to take a bit more time to heal with acupuncture, so it’s important to be patient and diligent because the results will come, as mine did. I was moving apartments about a month ago and injured my lower back in the process. I saw Dr. Chapa immediately, and after one visit of acupuncture, my back was doing fine again.

If you’re having issues with acute or chronic pain, check Dr. Chapa out for relief! I know he also works with patients who suffer from stress, insomnia, allergies, and infertility; none of those apply to me much, but I feel confident that Dr. Chapa can help if you have any of those issues!

Susan W.

My husband had the pleasure of being cared for at Accupuncture & Integrative Medical Center. The staff treated us with great respect and care. My husband has been struggling with some headache issues and the practitioners there were thorough, attentive to his needs, and helped him tremendously. I can’t say enough about the people and care he received …. Thank you!

Subhendu M.

I am lucky that I found Dr Chapa. I have back and neck problem which worsened after going to a chiropractor who took lots of money from me and left me in bad shape. After 3 visits to Dr Carlos my neck pain went away. I am now continuing treatment for back problem which I have for long time.

Steve L.


Dr. Chapa is AWESOME! !!!!  My right hand was completely numb!!!!! (very very annoying) I tried going to my regular doctor,  and it was taking too long to schedule my Eletromylography ( not sure on the spelling/don’t care test suckered anyway) so thought I’d try AIMC out.

They were amazing!   I hate going to doctors, but Dr.Chapa sincerely saved the day in my case.

And the only thing that my regular doctor was gonna do for me after I had got my results back was send me to a spinal surgeon!!!!. …BS


Sheri C.

Dr. Chapa has the touch!! On my first visit, I wasn’t even able to get out of my car without help and after, I was practically dancing out of his office!! I suffer from chronic low back and hip pain and seeing regular doctors and chiropractors didn’t seem to be effective in eliminating the pain.  Asian medicine is all about holistic healing and Dr. Chapa treats you from the inside out. Don’t forget to take the herbs he gives you.

His staff is kind and accommodating, insurance-friendly, and the office is clean and relaxing.  Plus, Dr. Chapa is funny!

If the thought of the needles is freaking you out, trust me…whatever affliction you’re suffering through is far worse than the needles.

Happy healing!

Shannon M.

When I first started going here, I had severe high blood pressure.  My normal doctor had raised my BP medication 3 times in 6 months with no improvement.  After my first session with Dr. Chapa my blood pressure dropped dramatically from the previous day’s 155/105 to a mouth dropping 130/77.  It has remained in the low range every day since.  This was once my last resort and now it’s become a very real part of my everyday life.

Serena P.

After relocating to Texas in 2007, I discovered what I hear most non native Texans discover about 3-6 months after they’ve moved to Texas…ALLERGIES!!

I’ve done everything I could, from taking over the counter medications, to seeing a allergist and getting pricked with needles to pin point (pun intended) what I’m allergic to which was 20 out of the 40 allergens used to test me.

End result- Prepare to be miserable all year round since the specific allergies you’re experiencing are majority all year round in the Lone Star State or better yet when one allergy season is over the next allergen your allergic to follows. So thank you mother nature, much appreciated!

This doctor prescribed me to take one allergy pill in the am, a different allergy pill in the pm a nose spray twice a day, and eye drops as needed while committing 1 to  2 hours three times a week to receive allergy shots. (With my work schedule and running my own business=NOT HAPPENING!

I took the medication prescribed to me for about 3 months and it didn’t seem to be working on making my allergies better. It just worked on putting me on another planet where there I couldn’t function so I forgot about my allergies since I was living in a fog.

Bottom line I stopped taking all meds prescribed and thought I could just fight it on my own until I got to the point where it was allowing my allergies to take over and being miserable or being happy and feeling like I could live again.

I researched alternative ways to cure allergies and one alternative that kept showing up was acupuncture. Now the hunt was on…I searched yelp and found Dr. Carlos. I read all reviews (not really allergy related) but decided since he came so highly recommended on here then I would see what he could possibly do for me.

Dr. Carlos gave me tour of his office, showing me his wall of herbs spoke of how some are used to treat certain symptoms and so on and so forth. Shortly after we sat in his office and went over mine and my family’s medical history. Then he got really into depth about why I had the allergy symptoms I’ve spoke with him about and what was really going on in my body. The consultation lasted about 45 minutes and I was a bit skeptical at first since his approach is not like any other, for lack of a better term/phrase, Americanized medicine practicing doctor would recommend me to start doing while being treated.

In order for him to help cure my allergies, I had to first eat an “Allergy Diet” which was not too much of a change for me since I eat organic and clean anyway. Not having any alcohol for 2 weeks was a bit challenging (sad to say but true). He also gave me herbal pills that I would take 3x a day for the next 2 weeks and I came in 2-3x a week for a 20 minute treatment each time.

After the first week I was a believer! I’ve haven’t felt this amazing in years and I’m not affected by my so called allergies at all. By the end of the 2nd week I was still amazed on how awesome and unaffected by allergies I felt. After my second week I started seeing Dr. Carlos once a week and then boom…I woke up one morning with the worst allergies ever. I called Dr. Carlos and he immediately fit me in within 20 minutes (basically the time it took for me to get to his office). I for sure thought this was all a hoax but in the end it was really my fault for not strictly following his “Allergy Diet” direction (and drinking/ok mostly drinking).

He reassured me that instead of the herbal pills he would cook me fresh herbs that I needed to drink three times a day for a week and to stop drinking any alcohol and to seriously commit. I did and from then on I was making appointments sporadically, or when ever I felt I might be getting itchy eyes. I believe it is possible to go in whenever you feel you need maintenance.

All in all, I haven’t had any feeling of allergies since then. *NOTE: I’ve first started to see Dr. Carlos I believe in August 2011 and the last time was once in November.*

He truly amazed and healed me. I’m definitely a believer and recommend him to anyone.

*NOTE: I also believe since each case is different and needs to be treated accordingly do not solely go on my treatment but speak with Dr. Carlos and  definitely trust his judgment on which treatment he believes will work for you. We all need to remember, though it is our body and we know it well, he is the expert on herbal medicine and healing.*

So make an appointment and experience for your self what he can do for you!

Rodolfo K.

Dr. Chapa is simply Amazing.

Even though I am not very familiar with Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture, I gave it a try for some chronic problems that my regular doctor has been unable to help me with.

Even though it took me over 2 weeks for my first appointment (Dr. Chapa was traveling to Korea for his annual trips for training), I am happy I went.

In one session, he was able to help me with my migraine headaches that I usually get at least 1-2 times a week.

In three sessions, he helped me with my stomach issues which I have had my entire life.

How does it work? I have no idea, but it works.

Dr. Chapa not only helped me, but most importantly he TAUGHT me many things about my diet that was actually hurting me.

Thank you and I appreciate you.

Rebecca C.

So, I read reviews online and found out that Dr. Carlos is in my network, which was a major plus! With all the pain I’ve been having lately, I knew it was time to find someone here.

Dr. Carlos gave me a short tour of the facility, including the wall of herbs and he talked to me about the difference between what he does and what my Dr. at Kaiser was doing. After that we sat in his office and went over pretty much my whole medical history, a conversation that lasted nearly 45 minutes.

He took notes and asked questions when we went over my medical history, but he examined me by taking my pulses, and checking out my tongue. Then he put together a list of herbs that he wanted to try and explained where he thought my body was out of sync and what he wanted to do/try to help get it back where it should be.

We ended up doing a guasha ( I think I spelled it right!) treatment, followed by cupping on my back with the suction cups and then acupuncture at various point on the front half. Basically almost three completely different treatments were done – vs. the 1 that is normally done on the first visit.

Now… For those who like me don’t know much about Chinese Medicine, the guasha process can leave your body looking pretty gnarly- my mom says I look like I had the crap beat out of me- but while you are red and have bruise-like signs, they don’t hurt!

Three days after my treatment, my back still looks pretty gross, and my husband is very nervous and against my return – probably specifically because of the Guasha treatment. However, I feel great, but am experiencing the “ups and downs” that he warned I would experience – I feel great for a bit, and then not so great. But mostly I feel great.

I can’t wait for my next treatment, and am looking forward to the possibility of NOT being nauseated for no reason so frequently, and the possibility of my arthritis not being so painful at 29 years old.

R W.

I receive an email from Groupon for Dr. Carlos at Valley Ranch ACU. I read the reviews on line & called and made an appointment to see him. I have now had 7 visits with him. What impressed me the most with Dr. Carlos was during my first visit. He is extremely attentive to my needs and what I would like to accomplish to improve my health. Just like in some of the reviews; he also reviewed my medical history & asked questions. He did not rush through our conversation just to get on to the next patient. I have been nothing but pleased with Dr. Carlos. With the ACU treatments ,herbal remedies & nutritional guidance I feel great. Thanks Dr. C!!!

Quitting Smoking

Thinking about quitting smoking? There are plenty of reasons according to smokefree.gov, including the 250 harmful chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.

You may have tried before and failed, but for the sake of your health and the health of those around you, we urge you to give acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine a try. At Valley Ranch Acupuncture, we’re now accepting most forms of insurance to help you become healthy and pain-free!

Patricia H.

I came to AIMC as a visiting extern practitioner about 2 weeks ago.

This is what I have to say about AIMC:

Dr. Chapa is very knowledgeable and well-read. He incorporates different detox modalities for patients that need it. For instance, I witnessed a man that had a limp and needed a cane, become virtually limp-free. Gua sha therapy for neck and shoulder pain, cupping for back and hip pain. Electro-acupuncture for muscle injury, and herbal therapy for everything else.

Dr. Chapa also utilizes iridology to help gleen into a patient’s health to prevent any impending illness from manifesting.

At the end of my externship, Dr. Chapa gave me an iridology reading. It is really fun to see my iris. My iris revealed that I had kidney issues. I can agree to this since I had chronic kidney infections when I was a child. My brother also has lupus, which generally affects the kidneys, and it was helpful to see that perhaps my kidneys needed strengthening.

Dr. Chapa is very passionate about what he does. Elisha is a hard-worker and is also very knowledgeable in Western and Eastern Medicine. Irving is so lucky to have 2 caring capable practitioners that help people heal naturally.

I am very grateful that I decided to visit AIMC for my doctoral externship. Any practitioner who is looking for a preceptor should definitely look into visiting AIMC and Dr. Chapa. The clinic space is very beautiful, modern, and clean. I only mention this because cleanliness is very important to me in a clinic space. Their herbal inventory is extensive and complete. AIMC is a well-oiled healing machine.

Oscar S.

Visited Dr. Chapa to help treat my plantar fasciitis. After a few sessions, I feel relief that I’ve not had in months that I’ve been dealing with this injury.

Dr. Chapa and Dr. Aisha are very kind and sincerely care for their patients, and his staff are very friendly. Don’t wait til and injury worsens (like I did), before you seek treatment.

Nicole V.

After 10 years of taking antidepressant prescription drugs and struggling with the many side effects that came along with them,  I decided that a more natural approach to my depression and anxiety would be a better solution for me.  With the help of my psychiatrist (you must be weaned off these medications slowly), and the HUGE help of Carlos Chapa at Valley Ranch Accupuncture, I can  happily say I am off all of the prescriptions I was taking for depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

I have never felt better and I owe this primarily to the services I have recieved at Valley Ranch Accupuncture.  Carlos takes the time to ask questions about your health in all areas of your life, and probably most importantly..he really listens.  He is very knowledgable in both Western and Eastern medicine and utilizes both to tailor his treatment to his patients. The Accupuncture  treatments (it really doesn’t hurt ), along with the alignment adjustments, herbal remedies and nutritional/lifestyle guidance I’ve recieved there have also helped with my back pain, muscle tension, and stomach issues.  I leave my treatments feeling relaxed and energetic.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I first researched Accupuncture services and found that my insurance carrier covers many all of these services.  Not all insurance plans are the same, but many companies are now covering these services to varying degrees.

Check them out!  You’ll be glad you did.

Nail P.

I was very glad that my first accupuncture experience was with Dr. Carlos. He was very professional and explained everything very detailed so that I understood everything. I was getting treated for my upper back, neck and shoulders. After the first treatment, I felt dramatic relief.  Later on that night I slept threw the whole entire night, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I have never been a big fan of taking medication so I’m really eager now that there’s a healthier and a more natural way of being treated. Keep up the good work .. Dr. Carlos. Thank you for a knowledgable and wonderful first accuncture  experice!!! I’ll be back!!

Mindy P.

Doctor Chapa is wonderful. I didn’t realize how much my back pain was effecting my work until I started feeling SO much better after treatment. My work is my purpose in life, and to have someone have that same passion about his work is inspiring and makes me feel so at ease that I’m in the best hands. I recommend him to everyone I meet that needs help.

Michelle D.

I absolutely LOVE this place.  I can have a terrible day and visit Dr. Chapa and I feel like a million bucks when I leave.

Melissa L.

Dr. Carlos Chapa was a classmate of mine. I personally know that he is very knowledgable and has a unique bedside manner that keeps all patients at ease. He always looks to improve on his knowledge so he can better care for his patients. He is always pushing for newer therapies that can be helpful for all types of cases. I also know that he also uses SP which is a great company that I myself use in my own clinic, so I know he uses only high grade quality items. I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or people over to him in his clinic in Texas as I know I can trust that they will be taken care of with the same care that I would put upon them. If you are thinking of trying out some alternative therapies, give Carlos a try and you won’t regret it!

Martha O.

Thank you Dr. Carlos Chapa after 3 weeks of treatment Im feeling  better, not much itchiness in my body, I was taking some prescribed medication from a medical doctor but didn’t help me at all.  Dr. Chapa  natural herbs are helping me more than this other prescribed medicine I would definitely recommend my friends or anyone to visit Dr. Chapa he is awesome!!!

Gracias a el Doctor Carlos Chapa me ciento mucho mejor despues de tres semanas de tratamiento, ya no siento mucha comeson en todo mi cuerpo, estaba tomando unos medicamentos recetados por un Medico pero ese medicamento no me ayudo en nada, pero con la hiervas naturales de el Doctor Chapa me he sentido mucho mejor, definitivamente yo he recomendado a mis amigos y a otras personas que lo visiten, es un gran Doctor!

Marlene T.

I have not seen a medical doctor since being introduced to holistic healing through Chinese medicine 1.5 years ago.

While under the care of medical doctors, I was constantly prescribed medications and was up to 5 prescriptions with continued declining health. Introduce Dr. Chapa and his extensive knowledge and education in Chinese medicine. Today I am off all prescriptions and I am healthier than I have ever been! I lost 48 lbs and still losing. Dr. Chapa has also successfully helped my friends and family.

Pampering this body is more fun than pampering the body I had last fall.

Buying clothes for this body is more fun than buying clothes for the body I had last fall.

Thank you Dr. Chapa for the new healthier me!

Maria W.

Both my mom and I has been going to dr Chapa for a while now. I was first very skeptical about oriental medicine especially from someone who is not Asian. But dr Chapa surprised me with his wide knowledge of oriental medicine = Korean Chinese and Japanese. He care about the well being of all his patients. I felt very comfortable with him.

I had tons of problem with digestion and sleep due to years of consultant life. Dr Chapa suggested some medicine to take and acupuncture. The pills look like rabbit poop and i was like how many you want me to take? 24 a day? I thought it was non sense. But I followed it anyways since I figure it won’t hurt. But it worked!!! Digestion is better no more anti acid. My diet hasn’t changed. I can also sleep better.

My mom also seen significant results. She had allergies for years. I tell you years of shots still didn’t cure much. Her eyes were so red and puffy she couldn’t even open them. After a couple sessions she was much better. Again great experience! Very knowledgeable doctor. Thanks !

Leslie L.

Experiencing acupuncture from several acupuncturists, I have found that Dr. Chapa’s methodology of incorporating techniques used by both eastern and modern medicine to be very effective in treating the chronic pain in my shoulder/back.  The therapy wasn’t limited to just acupuncture, but included a full consultation on herbal supplements/lifestyle modifications to bring balance to my body, and  ways to enhance the therapy being received.  Even after just one session with Dr. Chapa, full range of motion was restored to my shoulder without the pain that usually accompanied the motion.  I would highly recommend for anyone who doesn’t like taking pain medications chronically, as this is a great, non-invasive alternative to opioid therapy.

Lauren H.

I visited this clinic in 2014 and would  love to go back soon! Dr. Chappa helped me with my condition.

Laura B.

I first saw Dr Chapa a little more than a year ago. A friend suggested I try an Eastern approach to some problems I was having. I knew nothing about it, but was in enough discomfort that I was willing to try something new. The results have far exceeded my expectations!!! When I first came in, I was experiencing daily headaches, significant joint pain in my knees and hips, lacked energy, couldn’t sleep through the night, and was about 30 pounds over weight. The headaches and need for naps were gone within a few weeks, the joint pain disappeared on about 10 visits, and I lost all the excess weight over the course of the year. Wow!  Not to mention that Dr Chapa is just a really great guy who cares deeply about his patients. I’d recommend acupuncture, and specifically Dr Chapa, to anyone!

Kristen H.

Dr. Chapa is an extremely talented doctor with a fantastic reputation among his professional colleagues. His office is warm, comfortable, and inviting. Everyone I have met who has been treated by him has been thrilled with their results. The people of Irving are very lucky to have him.

Katherine R.

I am so glad to have found Dr. Chapa!  I have been looking for an effective alternative health practitioner ever since I moved here two years ago from Sacramento, CA.
As a natural health care consultant, my clients really depend on me knowing where to send them for results!!  Dr. Chapa was the first one I found that actually knows enough to be fully effective for everything short of surgery!  And even then he is currently helping a friend of mine prevent needing surgery!!
I now refer all my clients to him!  Of course I see him and have gotten excellent results without all the complicated and expensive programs others have recommended!  He gets to the root cause of the problem and genuinely cares!!
It is so great to find someone who is so result oriented and NOT retention oriented for profit’s sake!

Kat M.

I wasn’t too sure about an alternative health care provider, but after coming into Valley Ranch Acupuncture Clinic all that changed. Dr. Chapa was very sincere and listened attentively to my every issue. It was a lot different than what I was use to, since in a normal setting it’s usually a nurse asking what the problem is and the doctor coming in to give me a shot or prescribe me some horse pills. After I spoke with Dr. Chapa he talked about the eastern philosophy; about how it was about “what is the root cause of the problem?” Finally, a doctor that sees me as an INDIVIDUAL instead of a number.  Well, after discussing with him about the pain and tension in my shoulders and back we went into one of the rooms and he did “cupping” on my shoulders and back. I could feel a bit of tension when it came to the suction cups slightly pulling my skin, but he advised me to lie down on my stomach and to just relax. He kept the cups on my back for about 20-30 minutes and he asked if I wished to have some music in the background, I did, so there was some “zen” music playing and the room was dim and calm. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep on the bed, thank God for the plastic catching my drool ( I know EW), and when he released the suction of the cups…Oh my God…I swear it was the biggest relief a person could ever feel. All the tension felt as though it had vanished in those first few seconds. I’m not going to say I was 100% healed within only a 30 minute session of cupping, but I felt a TREMENDOUS difference from when I had came in to when I left the clinic. I could roll my shoulders back with no problem and twist my torso without feeling any pain.  Before I left Dr. Chapa gave me some natural herbs, which looked like small Bi-Bi Gun pellets, but they actually taste like nothing and are very easy to swallow ( I can swallow about 5 at a time). However, the best part about it was not only being able to walk away without only thinking about my back and shoulder pain, but the fact that my insurance ACTUALLY covered acupuncture. Who knew?!

Update: Since my first visit I’ve actually come here quite a few times from pain, headaches, and even sinuses. Dr. Chapa has seen me and helped me overcome these things. Dr. Chapa if you’re out there reading this, you are truly a miracle worker, thank you 🙂

Jimmy Y.

As a fellow acupuncturist, I had the pleasure of shadowing Dr. Carlos this past saturday.  After seeing Dr. Carlos in action, I immediately knew he was the real deal.  Patient after patient saw great results.  If you are in the Irving area, there’s no better clinic to seek treatment from than Dr. Carlos Chappa’s clinic.  Highly Recommend!

Jessica J.

I went to see Dr. Chapa for the first time today and I absolutely cannot wait to go back. And that is not something you will hear about just any doctor’s office.  After going to specialists and doctors since I was a child, I can already tell that this was the best decision I could have made to take better care of myself.

Jessica E.

I had been looking for a good acupuncturist and herbalist for a while but had been too busy to find one until I got a bad cold and the meds from the medical doctors made me feel worse and even more sick for weeks with the illness recurring several times within a couple of months’ period (aside from the fact that they had misdiagnosed me and had given me the wrong medication which had horrible side effects!).  I decided to go back to what I knew worked by addressing the root cause – acupuncture, rather than fall prey to the unfortunate over-drugging that is so common in the medical field these days.  After visiting Dr. Chapa, I felt instantly better and was completely fine within a couple of visits.  There is a reason why this technology has been in existence and proven itself as workable for thousands of years.  Dr. Chapa is very professional and does a great job. I strongly recommend this clinic.

Jesselyn T.

I was skeptical of acupuncture. But I have been struggling with depression for over a year now and by this time I am absolutely desperate. I pay Carlos a visit. Actually, I visited him a few times. By the fourth time I begin seeing a real difference in the way I feel.

Carlos likes saying he treats the patient not the symptoms and I am glad to report that actually does keep to that. The first visit is a crazy one and a half hours as he details everything. So we can learn what is going on with me and how to control my depression.

Okay so the medication tastes like crap. But heck it works. The place is clean, he uses disposable needles. He is professional. What more do you want?

Jane B.

Dr. Chapa made me all better.  I’m amazed at how freakishly accurately he assessed  me.  The office is relaxing, the acupuncture was surprisingly painless and the effects of the herbs have made my life much much better. More, please!

J Y.

Dr. Chapa listens to your concerns and is deeply caring.  He gets the job done and you feel as if he’s addressed things you never even mentioned.  He checks the eyes and does an iridology exam… very cool.  I don’t know anyone else doing them.  He shows you what’s going on with the health of your organs and you get to track your improvement by these iridology exams.  Also, he prescribes natural Chinese herbal medicines to treat your overall health and wellbeing.  Take them.  They are a great addition to the acupuncture and will make you feel so much better.


Carlos is a great doctor… he helped me lower my diabetes down to a normal range and helped me not be so scared about my western diagnosis…

I would recommend Carlos Chapa to anyone who is in need his type of experience and expertise.  Most places do not take insurance, this company does.  that is a big plus in my book!

Heather A.

One of the services offered at Valley Ranch Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice called “cupping”. Being someone slightly north of anxious and to be honest, having very little pain tolerance, I never would have tried cupping if I researched it before the first time I tried cupping. Seriously, don’t google cupping, don’t wikipedia cupping, just consider trying it if you have ever wanted / needed a deep tissue massage. I’ve had those types of massages before. They hurt like a mo-fo and my back is sore for days. Don’t get me wrong, massages are fantastic but when my back is really sore, I have a cupping session.

Basically, a dozen or so small cups are applied to your back, suctioning the skin and superficial muscle layers as they are drawn into and held in the cup. In some cases, the cup may be moved while the suction of skin is active, causing a regional pulling of the skin and muscle. Trust me, it doesn’t hurt and like I said, I don’t have much of a threshold for pain. Not to get too graphic, but cupping sort of feels like a hickey . . . . . . and like those junior high ‘love bites’ cupping leaves marks unfortunately. They fade away within a few days but immediately after cupping, yeah your back looks like you had a hot ‘n heavy make out session with an octopus.

Gwyn H.

Awesome Doctor and staff! Very knowledgeable and talented! I had a level 3 ankle sprain over a year ago.  Saw one of the supposedly-best-Harvard-grad orthopedic surgeon in Dallas who put me in a boot for 2 months. After the boot came off, my left ankle was still swollen and in pain. My range of motion was very limited. I also started experiencing pain and ‘popping’ in my left knee. I honestly felt that being in the boot has allowed my ligaments to heal, BUT over my still-misaligned ankle, which seems to defeat the purpose of wearing the boot to heal my ligament in the first place. I went back to the surgeon with my concerns, and he told me that my choices were to go for physical therapy, or he can do an exploratory surgery to see if there is an underlying problem. I WAS NOT going to let someone cut me up to just look around?!? So, I started going for physical therapy for almost 3 months with basically no improvement. Partially my fault as I’m kind of lazy and am not especially good with up keeping with all the exercises at home. I then started to see a Chiropractor who came strongly recommended by my work partner. I saw him for almost 30 sessions. Range of motion increased but not fully recovered. The Chiropractor performed dry needling on me, which was painful and did not seem to be effective. After his sessions, I still couldn’t bend my ankle or squat, and I still get pain each time I walk, both on my ankle and knee. At this point, I was pretty dejected. I am only 36. How am I going to go on my beloved shopping marathons??? Then, I started seeing Dr. Carlos Chapa for acupuncture and tuina. I was very hesitant at first due to my immense fear of needles and lack of knowledge of what it entails. I was skeptical as I didn’t have a good experience with dry needling and I thought the 2 procedures were similar. I looked on Dr. Chapa’s website and he seems to be talented, very well educated and well trained in several specialties. What really caught my eye was his vast knowledge in the field and his continuous thirst in upgrading himself in the industry. Besides being extremely nice, understanding and patient, Dr. Chapa took the time to listen to my looong account of medical history, injury details and concerns, he explained the difference between dry needling and acupuncture. He sincerely described the treatment plan in details and most importantly (to me), he reassured me he was going to use his super fine needles that he uses for kids, so there will be minimal pain. He was right, I barely felt the needles. After my first session with Dr. Chapa, I felt more than 50% relief on the tightness around my ankles. My knees did not pop or hurt as much. Scheduling appointments was easy as they are very accommodating and opens late and on Saturdays. His entire staff are very caring, sweet and nice. Since my sessions with Dr. Chapa, I am happy to report that my ankle and knee feels better than before. I am very happy and grateful that I decided to give it a try!

Grace N.

Dr Lai is very detail and knowledgeable with my treatment. I had acupuncture treatment on my foot and it was very effective.

Ginger N.

As a fellow acupuncture professional and TCM clinic owner, I highly respect the work of Dr. Chapa. He goes above and beyond for his patients and has learned the medicine from the top doctors that this medicine has to offer. He is hungry to grow as a practitioner and continues to perfect his practical skills and that is, in my honest opinion, the difference between an average practitioner and an excellent practitioner. He takes an integrative approach to medicine and incorporates iridology, acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs as well as naturopathic medicine into his practice to effectively treat chronic degenerative conditions, diabetes and disorders of the eyes. Try him even if you have been failed by conventional medicine, other holistic practitioners and acupuncturists! Please go see him and let him change your life!

Erica J.

I have been seeing Dr. Chapa for weight loss for a couple of months and I have been very impressed! Dr. Chapa really takes the time to discuss what is going on with me in all aspects of my life. He doesn’t just focus on the treatments or throw pills at me like Western doctors, he really tries to get to the root of the problem and is full of helpful advice regarding diet and exercise. They accept most types of insurance also. I am so glad I finally decided to give acupuncture a try!

Elisha L.

I had always been curious about seeing an acupuncturist, but it wasn’t until after a coworker explained how it helped with her stomach issues, allergies, and even regulating hormones, that I decided to give it a try.  Due to on-going stomach issues that had progressed to painful daily episodes, I was willing to try anything!  I debated seeing a gastroenterologist, knowing fully that there would be lots of tests and more than likely, and diagnosis of IBS and then prescription with more harmful side effects listed on the label than my original issue.

I went back to my coworker and asked if her Doctor could recommend an acupuncturist in my area and that’s when I found Dr. Carlos Chapa.  I started seeing him in March of 2014 and during my first visit, he said “Give me one month and if you’re feeling better, I’ll give you one month for free.”  Within one month of receiving acupuncture treatments, a special diet, and taking herbs, I started feeling so much better!  I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments for over eight months now and, with my herbal supplements, I’m able to start eating foods I had given up at the beginning of my treatment….with NO stomach issues!

I know for some people, they may be skeptical of acupuncture, but I’m proof it works.  So if you’re suffering from stomach issues, allergies, hormones, weight issues, etc., please go see Dr. Carlos Chapa at the Acupuncture Integrative Medical Center in Irving or Mesquite.

Edward R.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Chapa for a year.  He was my first introduction to acupuncture and was suggested by my insurance, which made him credible to me.  After just a few treatments, I began to notice the positive impact on my quality of life.  He is very knowledgeable, respectful, and courteous.  I highly recommend Dr. Chapa!

Dr. Jason B.

Dr. Carlos is a very caring and insightful practitioner.   I’m glad he’s close by, great asset to the community.

Diana S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Chapa for over a year and I have nothing but great things to say about him. I had joint pain, constant headaches, foot pain and a rare pain in my right buttock that would come and go constantly. After a couple of sessions my headaches were gone, the pain in my buttock and feet was 50% better. In less than a month I felt like a new person. If you follow his advise you will see results.

Dr. Chapa is very nice and approachable. He takes the time to listen and he truly cares about you and your health. He’s also very  knowledgable. if you are tired of not feeling well give Dr. Chapa and Chinese medicine a chance, you will not regret it.

David K.

Suffered a serious ankle injury that kept me bed-ridden for nearly a week. And after one visit to Dr. Chapa’s Valley Ranch Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic, I was able to walk within a few hours. Incredible.

Was highly skeptical of acupuncture and non-Western medicine before my visit, but I am a huge believer in what Carlos is doing. Needles don’t hurt either. Huge plus.

Cozy P.

I was not a believer in acupuncture until clinical methods gave me no relief to chronic stomach, sinus, back problems. I am a believer in the methods that both Drs. Chapa & Kao use and it’s amazing how the acupuncture have long term benefits. They are not pushy in ‘selling’ their products but rather listen and treat your ailments.

I’d HIGHLY recommend this type of diagnosis if clinical methods fail to treat your ailments.

Cindy S.

I must say I was skeptical before my first visit but traditional western medicine was not solving my digestive problems so I figured I had nothing to lose.  He was very patient with my questions and although I don’t fully understand it, I felt relief after my very first visit.  I received six small needles (only a small pinch at first) and rested for about 20 minutes.  My symptoms were significantly reduced before I even left.  I also received some small black pills referred to  as “Chinese herbs”. They seem to be helping as well. I’ve been back several times. I’m now a big fan of acupuncture and this clinic.  Make sure you find a licensed acupuncture like this one (a license is not required in Texas).

Cee E.

Carlos is so great. He takes time to get to know your underline issues, spends time with you explain the cause for the issues and work through a solution. He treats the cause not just the symptoms, a rare quality to find in a doctor these days. Highly recommended!!

bryan p.

Dr. Chapa is about treating the patient.  He doesn’t like to just stick you in a room without proper consultation.  He asks questions back and doesn’t just settle for limited information.  For my money, that’s what I want in a doctor.  He is thorough.  This was my first visit and he took the time to talk with me, and my mother, about my health history and what I was looking to have treated.  He even took the time to talk with my mother about what was bothering her.  If you want someone who will take the time to talk with you and treat you, as a patient, not just another appointment to fill full of pills, schedule your appointment with Dr. Chapa.  I recommend him highly!

Barbara M.

Dr. Chapa has changed my life! One year ago I had given up on every feeling well again and was referred to his clinic by my chiropractor. I scheduled an appointment the day after Thanksgiving and had a consultation and acupuncture session that lasted over an hour. He began an herbal regimen with weekly follow up sessions. I have been seeing Carlos 3-4 times a month since then. He has eliminated many symptoms that my western medicine doctor just kept throwing prescriptions at: hot flashes, chronic fatigue, hair loss, back/neck pain, allergies, fibromyalgia, and digestive disorders. He has also worked on a sprained ankle and other common ailments. I have not been back to my family physician or pharmacist since I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments. I would recommend Carlos and his clinic to anyone that is sick and tired of taking pills with no results.

Azmeena S.

Dr. Chapa is an amazing doctor! He is extremely knowledgeable and really spends time discussing your issues during your initial consultation. He is very thorough in detailing a plan of action for your case and discusses all up front costs prior to proceeding. In my case, I had gone to him for the weakness and pain in my right hand. I could not make a fist, could not open jars, was loosing my fine motor skills and my handwriting was becoming so sloppy. I was also very clumsy and was getting frustrated with how weak my hand was. After going to my regular doctor and basically getting medication to mask the pain and later being told I would need surgery, I tried chiropractic care and that helped for a short while after each session but they also suggested surgery. The last thing I wanted was surgery so I went to Dr. Chapa and discussed it with him. He said that it would be something he could treat but I would need to be patient and it could take several treatments. I have been going to him for 8 weeks now for acupuncture and the little black herbal balls and I am so happy that I have strength back in my hand and can open jars. I still cannot close my hand to make a fist since one finger still is not fully cooperating but I am so thankful I tried this and did not just go have surgery. I’m hopeful that a few more treatments will fix me completely.
I really do like the way Dr. Chapa reiterates that Eastern medicine looks for the root cause of the issue and treats that. He spends time and shows me facts in his herbal treatment books, shows me the different herbs he mixes to make some herbal remedies to take home and is always there to answer any questions I may have. It’s hard to find doctors that will spend time with you these days – they are all after the $$ and try to get you in and out as quickly as possible but this is definately not the case with Dr. Chapa. He is patient and helps anyway he can.
His office is very clean, organized and the decor is beautiful. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Eastern medicine has worked for thousands of years and we should all try it rather than popping countless pills and having side effects from each of them and never resolving the initial issue. I highly recommend Valley Ranch Acupuncture and Dr. Chapa!
You can tell when someone truly enjoys and loves what they do! Thanks, Dr. Chapa!

aya m.

My mother lost her sense of smell and taste 10 years ago due to severe allergies. She tried everything from steroids to surgery to regain her senses back, but ultimately, nothing changed.

When I met Dr. Carlos, I asked if he can help. He was eager to take this challenge to help my mom heal. Miraculously, after only ONE acupuncture treatment and 5 days of drinking the herbal medicine Carlos custom blended for her, she tasted her dinner for the first time in 10 years! She wanted to eat everything in site! We were all so happy for her, we all shed tears of joy.

What Dr. Carlos did for my mother is priceless, but what’s even more fascinating is how the truth and information about natural healing is concealed and suppressed by this country’s trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Carlos is a doctor who genuinely cares about his patients and is darn good at what he does. Try him once and you’ll be a believer.

Atif M.

I didn’t realize what a gem Dr. Carlos is until I moved from the Dallas area and needed acupuncture.

I came in to his office last January having never experienced acupuncture (I just heard it that it worked for my wife’s friend) for allergies.  I had taken OTC medications as well as prescription medicine, but it just didn’t work or if it did, it would make you tired/groggy.  My allergies would make me wake up late and come to work late, and that had to stop.

He consulted me and put me on a strict diet as well as giving me herbal medicines.  He gave me the acupuncture treatment that visit (this is important: be wary of other practitioners who won’t give you treatment on the first visit), and sent me on my way.

I followed that up with weekly treatments, and as my symptoms improved, they became bi-weekly treatments.  After about 6 weeks, I was *cured* of my allergies.    That is the power of acupuncture and natural medicine right here.  After that point I was able to resume my normal diet and live healthily without those symptoms.

I also went a couple of times for cold/flu.  The acupuncture provided a definite improvement of symptoms and I would recover much faster than normal.

There are other practitioners in Dallas, but you won’t find someone like Dr. Carlos.   There is no language barrier with him, he explains everything well, and his fees are reasonable as well.

Antonio V.

If this were medieval ages, he would be knighted. Carlos has corrected 35 years of Western medicines failed attempts of trying to aid with my many health issues. Oh ya, the great part…he did it in 2 visits. I don’t even have allergies any more! If you a tired of the samsara of the pains you carry, go see Carlos. You likely sat in traffic for 1 hour to get to work; you are certainly worth the 1 hour to see Carlos and get on the road to a healthier life. Thank you Carlos for helping me regain a healthy life and minimize so many of the pains I had for years.

Amy G.

When I first went into to try acupuncture, I wasn’t sure what was wrong…I just knew i needed help.   I was anxious, had acne, shoulder pain, the list goes on.  I wasn’t sure if this was the answer, but had tried just about every doctor, medication and product out there.  Nothing seemed to help.  Things started changing after my first visit with Dr. Carlos.  He has addressed every issue I have brought to him in the most caring, nonjudgmental and through way.  Each session seems to build on itself and I am excited about where we are and looking forward to making even more progress.  Even being around him is very calming & his billing practices are extremely fair.  He works with each patient because he cares.  I trust him and recommend him highly.  I am much more calm, no major breakouts and I can not believe how much he helped my back.  Even if you find yourself skeptical about if acupuncture is for you, I would say this is probably the best place to try it & see.  He is really talented and his credentials are long.  Thanks!!

Amir R.

okay, i was never a fan on having some needles on my back or even surgery on my back. However my wife and I had a visit to this place in Valley Ranch Dr. Chapa told me about the issues I was having on my lower back, wow how did he know this? well he uses a technique called cupping to find areas that bothering my back, I was told by “doctors” that i needed to have surgery on my lower back to get rid of the pain. However since my visit at Valley Ranch Acupuncture WOW! no surgery minimal pain, and I have only been going there for a month. Ok I know you think I got paid for this, but honestly I did not, i just never in my years thought this would actually work. I read some reviews here and it seems they all had good experience thought i would share mine as well. For the lady who wrote a book about the insurance problem. This could have happened anywhere you went, Insurance company does not like to look like the bad guy. So they will tell you everything and anything to get you off their back. Wow its sucks having that dang monkey on your back! thats why insurance companies are huge, “By ripping people off” that;s how! anyways thanks Dr. Chapa your work is outstanding

Adri A.

Dr. Chapa is one of a kind; truly amazing. He takes the time to answer your questions and explains the diagnosis and treatment thoroughly.

Dr. Chapa has been treating me for a month and so far the changes have been remarkable. The chronic stomach pain I endured for years along with gastritis have completely gone away. Also my allergies are now nonexistent!!! As if this wasn’t enough good news..by following the treatment plan at home, I have lost 10 lbs (definitely a plus).

If you are thinking about going to visit Dr. Chapa, I highly recommend that you do, you have so much to gain; a healthier and happier life!!

I do recommend that you call your health insurance company before your visit so there are no surprises. Dr. Chapa does clearly explain how the insurance billing works and how much his fees are. *ask questions*

Abhishek N.

My wife was 8 months pregnant and the baby was still in breech position. Her OB GYN advised that we might have to go for a C-Section if the baby doesn’t change his position in another few weeks.

We read somewhere on the internet that an Acupuncture technique of Moxibustion helps turning the baby in correct position. We approached Dr Chapa with our problem and asked for advice. After only 3 sessions with him, we found out that the baby was now in head-down position. Viola !!! That was a great news.

Dr Chapa is kind, understanding and has an extensive knowledge of subject. I would surely recommend him.

40 YEARS of neck pain + 1 session = Pain free a week later

Patient has been suffering of neck pain for more than 40+ years, numerous medicines and hundreds of visits to many Doctors. After ONE Acupuncture session, she left pain free and a week later, still pain free.

Patient has never tried Acupuncture before and unsure if it really worked.

Valley Ranch Acupuncture / Mesquite Acupuncture Clinic has seen hundreds of patients with excellent results.

Mesquites FIRST and ONLY Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic.

We are Board Certified and LICENSED Acupuncturists & Herbalists. NOT chiropractic.

Don’t live with pain anymore!