Dr. Carlos Chapa, ND, OMD, LAc, PhD

Founder & Medical Director

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Doctor of Oriental Medicine (PhD)

Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM

Board Certified Herbalist & Licensed Acupuncturist

Dry Needling / Functional Needling Certified

Board of Director & President for the National Acupuncture Association

U.S. Navy Veteran (Active Duty 1995-2005)

Meet Dr. Carlos Chapa!


Dr. Chapa has trained in China, Japan & S. Korea and graduated from one of Korea’s oldest & prestigious Medical University. Dr. Chapa is triple board certified and has completed the highest training in Eastern Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine. His passion for Holistic, Integrative & Eastern Medicine is never ending.  Dr. Chapa continues to train with many amazing Doctors all over the world and travels every few MONTHS to Asia to continue his studies. He has never stopped learning and his life’s mission statement is simple:

To help as many people as possible. 

Dr. Carlos Chapa is a U.S. Navy Veteran & Proudly served as a Corpsman (Marine Medic) from 1995-2004. Hospital Corpsmen are also known as “Docs” since they are the primary medical providers on the field. He provided battlefield first-aid and medical treatment to U.S. Marines and worked in several Emergency Rooms where he learned the foundations of Western medicine. Carlos learned many aspects of Emergency Medicine and loved helping the sick and injured, however, he felt that treating the disease rather than the person is where “modern” allopathic medicine falls short, especially for treating chronic conditions.   After proudly serving on active duty, Carlos worked as a paramedic and continued his studies (pre-med, philosophy and Chinese language). Carlos was introduced to Chinese Medicine after studying abroad in China and immediately knew he had found his calling when he saw the amazing & INSTANT results treating strokes and paralysis. After returning to the U.S., he followed this interest and studied at Dongguk University of Oriental Medicine, where he received his Masters Degree of Science in Oriental Medicine. He then continued his studies for the next six years and received his Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine (PhD).   During his studies and after graduating, Carlos has completed several hospital externships and residency programs in South Korea. He was fully sponsored by Dongguk University to study at one of the world’s first hospitals incorporating both Eastern and Western medicine. In 2015, Dr. Chapa was invited by the world famous Dr. Shin (founder and president of Jaseng Hospital) to train with him personally in S. Korea. This was the first time a western foreigner has been invited. Dr. Chapa trained in many techniques Jaseng is famous for: treating Spinal & Joint problems and conditions (that in the past, surgery was the only option) using non-surgical techniques having a 94%+ yearly success rate treating over a MILLION patients a year. Dr. Chapa communicates frequently and continues to study with Dr. Shin and his amazing doctors at Jaseng.   In 2016, Dr. Chapa completed his Naturopathic Doctorate Degree and found that combining the best of eastern/western medicine, patients would benefit the most. In 2017, Dr. Chapa was invited to Japan to train under Senior Acupuncturist Master Dr. Takeshi Kitagawa and learned his specialized cosmetic technique, treating and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and acupuncture “face-lifts” with Amazing Results!

In 2018, Dr. Chapa completed the advanced 50 hour Dry Needling Course & trained under the direct guidance and supervision of the leading instructor of Dry Needling, researcher & author (He wrote the books that majority of Physical Therapists use in school) – Dr. Jan Dommerholt. Dr. Chapa completed the full 100 hours in 2019 and became one of the very few Acupuncturists in the United States with Advanced Dry Needling Certification by one of the best courses available in the world, Myopain Seminars.

Dr. Chapa also volunteers with the Global Acupuncture Project (*Doctors without Borders*) and travels to Mexico at least twice a year to volunteer and teach students basic Acupuncture techniques and treat up to 100 patients a day. He enjoys helping others most, however loves teaching the amazing power of Acupuncture. 

He found that it is “far better to teach a man to fish, then simply feed him for a day”.

As a Dallas native, Dr. Chapa is glad to be back and is very excited about introducing Integrative & Eastern Medicine to the Dallas area!