I wasn’t too sure about an alternative health care provider, but after coming into Valley Ranch Acupuncture Clinic all that changed. Dr. Chapa was very sincere and listened attentively to my every issue. It was a lot different than what I was use to, since in a normal setting it’s usually a nurse asking what the problem is and the doctor coming in to give me a shot or prescribe me some horse pills. After I spoke with Dr. Chapa he talked about the eastern philosophy; about how it was about “what is the root cause of the problem?” Finally, a doctor that sees me as an INDIVIDUAL instead of a number.  Well, after discussing with him about the pain and tension in my shoulders and back we went into one of the rooms and he did “cupping” on my shoulders and back. I could feel a bit of tension when it came to the suction cups slightly pulling my skin, but he advised me to lie down on my stomach and to just relax. He kept the cups on my back for about 20-30 minutes and he asked if I wished to have some music in the background, I did, so there was some “zen” music playing and the room was dim and calm. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep on the bed, thank God for the plastic catching my drool ( I know EW), and when he released the suction of the cups…Oh my God…I swear it was the biggest relief a person could ever feel. All the tension felt as though it had vanished in those first few seconds. I’m not going to say I was 100% healed within only a 30 minute session of cupping, but I felt a TREMENDOUS difference from when I had came in to when I left the clinic. I could roll my shoulders back with no problem and twist my torso without feeling any pain.  Before I left Dr. Chapa gave me some natural herbs, which looked like small Bi-Bi Gun pellets, but they actually taste like nothing and are very easy to swallow ( I can swallow about 5 at a time). However, the best part about it was not only being able to walk away without only thinking about my back and shoulder pain, but the fact that my insurance ACTUALLY covered acupuncture. Who knew?!

Update: Since my first visit I’ve actually come here quite a few times from pain, headaches, and even sinuses. Dr. Chapa has seen me and helped me overcome these things. Dr. Chapa if you’re out there reading this, you are truly a miracle worker, thank you 🙂