Both my mom and I has been going to dr Chapa for a while now. I was first very skeptical about oriental medicine especially from someone who is not Asian. But dr Chapa surprised me with his wide knowledge of oriental medicine = Korean Chinese and Japanese. He care about the well being of all his patients. I felt very comfortable with him.

I had tons of problem with digestion and sleep due to years of consultant life. Dr Chapa suggested some medicine to take and acupuncture. The pills look like rabbit poop and i was like how many you want me to take? 24 a day? I thought it was non sense. But I followed it anyways since I figure it won’t hurt. But it worked!!! Digestion is better no more anti acid. My diet hasn’t changed. I can also sleep better.

My mom also seen significant results. She had allergies for years. I tell you years of shots still didn’t cure much. Her eyes were so red and puffy she couldn’t even open them. After a couple sessions she was much better. Again great experience! Very knowledgeable doctor. Thanks !