After 10 years of taking antidepressant prescription drugs and struggling with the many side effects that came along with them,  I decided that a more natural approach to my depression and anxiety would be a better solution for me.  With the help of my psychiatrist (you must be weaned off these medications slowly), and the HUGE help of Carlos Chapa at Valley Ranch Accupuncture, I can  happily say I am off all of the prescriptions I was taking for depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

I have never felt better and I owe this primarily to the services I have recieved at Valley Ranch Accupuncture.  Carlos takes the time to ask questions about your health in all areas of your life, and probably most importantly..he really listens.  He is very knowledgable in both Western and Eastern medicine and utilizes both to tailor his treatment to his patients. The Accupuncture  treatments (it really doesn’t hurt ), along with the alignment adjustments, herbal remedies and nutritional/lifestyle guidance I’ve recieved there have also helped with my back pain, muscle tension, and stomach issues.  I leave my treatments feeling relaxed and energetic.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I first researched Accupuncture services and found that my insurance carrier covers many all of these services.  Not all insurance plans are the same, but many companies are now covering these services to varying degrees.

Check them out!  You’ll be glad you did.