So, I read reviews online and found out that Dr. Carlos is in my network, which was a major plus! With all the pain I’ve been having lately, I knew it was time to find someone here.

Dr. Carlos gave me a short tour of the facility, including the wall of herbs and he talked to me about the difference between what he does and what my Dr. at Kaiser was doing. After that we sat in his office and went over pretty much my whole medical history, a conversation that lasted nearly 45 minutes.

He took notes and asked questions when we went over my medical history, but he examined me by taking my pulses, and checking out my tongue. Then he put together a list of herbs that he wanted to try and explained where he thought my body was out of sync and what he wanted to do/try to help get it back where it should be.

We ended up doing a guasha ( I think I spelled it right!) treatment, followed by cupping on my back with the suction cups and then acupuncture at various point on the front half. Basically almost three completely different treatments were done – vs. the 1 that is normally done on the first visit.

Now… For those who like me don’t know much about Chinese Medicine, the guasha process can leave your body looking pretty gnarly- my mom says I look like I had the crap beat out of me- but while you are red and have bruise-like signs, they don’t hurt!

Three days after my treatment, my back still looks pretty gross, and my husband is very nervous and against my return – probably specifically because of the Guasha treatment. However, I feel great, but am experiencing the “ups and downs” that he warned I would experience – I feel great for a bit, and then not so great. But mostly I feel great.

I can’t wait for my next treatment, and am looking forward to the possibility of NOT being nauseated for no reason so frequently, and the possibility of my arthritis not being so painful at 29 years old.