If you have any doubts about whether acupuncture works, or whether Dr. Chapa is an expert in his field, it’s time to give them a rest and schedule an appointment! I sustained an injury back in August of 2013 that caused a partial dislocation of my right shoulder. I was thinking it would heal itself over the course of a few weeks, but a month came by and my shoulder was still in pain. To make matters worse, my range of motion was so limited that I couldn’t even work out and lift weights without it hurting. I began seeking treatment through massage therapy and chiropractics, but none of those options worked.

After enduring pain and lifestyle limitations for five months, I began seeing Dr. Chapa in February of 2014 for treatment of my shoulder. I was going two times every week and began to see notable improvement after a month or so. At this point, I would say I’m about 95% recovered (I can carry on just fine with daily activities; only when I try to contort my arm in weird positions do I notice any restrictions), and that says a whole lot seeing as how no one was able to do anything to even mildly improve my condition for months, prior to seeing Dr. Chapa.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that long-standing injuries tend to take a bit more time to heal with acupuncture, so it’s important to be patient and diligent because the results will come, as mine did. I was moving apartments about a month ago and injured my lower back in the process. I saw Dr. Chapa immediately, and after one visit of acupuncture, my back was doing fine again.

If you’re having issues with acute or chronic pain, check Dr. Chapa out for relief! I know he also works with patients who suffer from stress, insomnia, allergies, and infertility; none of those apply to me much, but I feel confident that Dr. Chapa can help if you have any of those issues!