Our Amazing Practitioners (Bios)

Dr. Chapa Medical Director (Bio Above)   Dr. Elisha Senior Resident Intern / Doctorate Student Masters in Oriental Medicine Trained and continues to train in Taiwan   Dr. Jasmine [...]

Melissa L.

Dr. Carlos Chapa was a classmate of mine. I personally know that he is very knowledgable and has a unique bedside manner that keeps all patients at ease. He always looks to improve on his [...]

Marlene T.

I have not seen a medical doctor since being introduced to holistic healing through Chinese medicine 1.5 years ago. While under the care of medical doctors, I was constantly prescribed [...]

Lauren H.

I visited this clinic in 2014 and would  love to go back soon! Dr. Chappa helped me with my condition.

Steve L.

DOESN’T HURT! !! Dr. Chapa is AWESOME! !!!!  My right hand was completely numb!!!!! (very very annoying) I tried going to my regular doctor,  and it was taking too long to schedule my [...]

Rodolfo K.

Dr. Chapa is simply Amazing. Even though I am not very familiar with Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture, I gave it a try for some chronic problems that my regular doctor has been unable to help me [...]

Cozy P.

I was not a believer in acupuncture until clinical methods gave me no relief to chronic stomach, sinus, back problems. I am a believer in the methods that both Drs. Chapa & Kao use and [...]

Kristen H.

Dr. Chapa is an extremely talented doctor with a fantastic reputation among his professional colleagues. His office is warm, comfortable, and inviting. Everyone I have met who has been treated by [...]

Grace N.

Dr Lai is very detail and knowledgeable with my treatment. I had acupuncture treatment on my foot and it was very effective.

J Y.

Dr. Chapa listens to your concerns and is deeply caring.  He gets the job done and you feel as if he’s addressed things you never even mentioned.  He checks the eyes and does an iridology [...]

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