• I came to AIMC as a visiting extern practitioner about 2 weeks ago. This is what I have to say about AIMC: Dr. Chapa is very knowledgeable and well-read. He incorporates different detox modalities for patients that need it. For instance, I witnessed a man that had a limp and needed a cane, become virtually limp-free. Gua sha therapy for neck and shoulder pain, cupping for back and hip pain. Electro-acupuncture for muscle injury, and herbal therapy for everything else. Dr. Chapa also utilizes iridology to help gleen into a patient's health to prevent any impending illness from manifesting. At the end of my externship, Dr. Chapa gave me an iridology reading. It is really fun to see my iris. My iris revealed that I had kidney issues. I can agree to this since I had chronic kidney infections when I was a child. My brother also has lupus, which generally affects the kidneys, and it was helpful to see that perhaps my kidneys needed strengthening. Dr. Chapa is very passionate about what he does. Elisha is a hard-worker and is also very knowledgeable in Western and Eastern Medicine. Irving is so lucky to have 2 caring capable practitioners that help people heal naturally. I am very grateful that I decided to visit AIMC for my doctoral externship. Any practitioner who is looking for a preceptor should definitely look into visiting AIMC and Dr. Chapa. The clinic space is very beautiful, modern, and clean. I only mention this because cleanliness is very important to me in a clinic space. Their herbal inventory is extensive and complete. AIMC is a well-oiled healing machine.

    Patricia H.
  • Dr. Chapa has the touch!! On my first visit, I wasn't even able to get out of my car without help and after, I was practically dancing out of his office!! I suffer from chronic low back and hip pain and seeing regular doctors and chiropractors didn't seem to be effective in eliminating the pain.  Asian medicine is all about holistic healing and Dr. Chapa treats you from the inside out. Don't forget to take the herbs he gives you. His staff is kind and accommodating, insurance-friendly, and the office is clean and relaxing.  Plus, Dr. Chapa is funny! If the thought of the needles is freaking you out, trust me...whatever affliction you're suffering through is far worse than the needles. Happy healing!

    Sheri C.
  • As a fellow acupuncture professional and TCM clinic owner, I highly respect the work of Dr. Chapa. He goes above and beyond for his patients and has learned the medicine from the top doctors that this medicine has to offer. He is hungry to grow as a practitioner and continues to perfect his practical skills and that is, in my honest opinion, the difference between an average practitioner and an excellent practitioner. He takes an integrative approach to medicine and incorporates iridology, acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs as well as naturopathic medicine into his practice to effectively treat chronic degenerative conditions, diabetes and disorders of the eyes. Try him even if you have been failed by conventional medicine, other holistic practitioners and acupuncturists! Please go see him and let him change your life!

    Ginger N.
  • Thank you Dr. Carlos Chapa after 3 weeks of treatment Im feeling  better, not much itchiness in my body, I was taking some prescribed medication from a medical doctor but didn't help me at all.  Dr. Chapa  natural herbs are helping me more than this other prescribed medicine I would definitely recommend my friends or anyone to visit Dr. Chapa he is awesome!!! Gracias a el Doctor Carlos Chapa me ciento mucho mejor despues de tres semanas de tratamiento, ya no siento mucha comeson en todo mi cuerpo, estaba tomando unos medicamentos recetados por un Medico pero ese medicamento no me ayudo en nada, pero con la hiervas naturales de el Doctor Chapa me he sentido mucho mejor, definitivamente yo he recomendado a mis amigos y a otras personas que lo visiten, es un gran Doctor!

    Martha O.
  • Visited Dr. Chapa to help treat my plantar fasciitis. After a few sessions, I feel relief that I've not had in months that I've been dealing with this injury. Dr. Chapa and Dr. Aisha are very kind and sincerely care for their patients, and his staff are very friendly. Don't wait til and injury worsens (like I did), before you seek treatment.

    Oscar S.
  • Dr. Chapa listens to your concerns and is deeply caring.  He gets the job done and you feel as if he's addressed things you never even mentioned.  He checks the eyes and does an iridology exam... very cool.  I don't know anyone else doing them.  He shows you what's going on with the health of your organs and you get to track your improvement by these iridology exams.  Also, he prescribes natural Chinese herbal medicines to treat your overall health and wellbeing.  Take them.  They are a great addition to the acupuncture and will make you feel so much better.

    J Y.
  • Dr Lai is very detail and knowledgeable with my treatment. I had acupuncture treatment on my foot and it was very effective.

    Grace N.
  • Dr. Chapa is an extremely talented doctor with a fantastic reputation among his professional colleagues. His office is warm, comfortable, and inviting. Everyone I have met who has been treated by him has been thrilled with their results. The people of Irving are very lucky to have him.

    Kristen H.
  • Carlos is a great doctor... he helped me lower my diabetes down to a normal range and helped me not be so scared about my western diagnosis... I would recommend Carlos Chapa to anyone who is in need his type of experience and expertise.  Most places do not take insurance, this company does.  that is a big plus in my book!

    HHP P.
  • I was not a believer in acupuncture until clinical methods gave me no relief to chronic stomach, sinus, back problems. I am a believer in the methods that both Drs. Chapa & Kao use and it's amazing how the acupuncture have long term benefits. They are not pushy in 'selling' their products but rather listen and treat your ailments. I'd HIGHLY recommend this type of diagnosis if clinical methods fail to treat your ailments.

    Cozy P.