Antonio V.

If this were medieval ages, he would be knighted. Carlos has corrected 35 years of Western medicines failed attempts of trying to aid with my many health issues. Oh ya, the great part…he [...]

Kat M.

I wasn’t too sure about an alternative health care provider, but after coming into Valley Ranch Acupuncture Clinic all that changed. Dr. Chapa was very sincere and listened attentively to [...]

Azmeena S.

Dr. Chapa is an amazing doctor! He is extremely knowledgeable and really spends time discussing your issues during your initial consultation. He is very thorough in detailing a plan of action for [...]

Barbara M.

Dr. Chapa has changed my life! One year ago I had given up on every feeling well again and was referred to his clinic by my chiropractor. I scheduled an appointment the day after Thanksgiving and [...]

Amir R.

okay, i was never a fan on having some needles on my back or even surgery on my back. However my wife and I had a visit to this place in Valley Ranch Dr. Chapa told me about the issues I was [...]

Subhendu M.

I am lucky that I found Dr Chapa. I have back and neck problem which worsened after going to a chiropractor who took lots of money from me and left me in bad shape. After 3 visits to Dr Carlos my [...]

Yoli R.

I have been COMPLETELY pain free and not only that Dr. Chapa has now begun treatments to cure my eczema, happy to announce that I have been eczema free for 6 months!! I will never again visit [...]

Diana S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Chapa for over a year and I have nothing but great things to say about him. I had joint pain, constant headaches, foot pain and a rare pain in my right buttock that [...]

Elisha L.

I had always been curious about seeing an acupuncturist, but it wasn’t until after a coworker explained how it helped with her stomach issues, allergies, and even regulating hormones, that [...]

Mindy P.

Doctor Chapa is wonderful. I didn’t realize how much my back pain was effecting my work until I started feeling SO much better after treatment. My work is my purpose in life, and to have [...]

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